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"It’s rare that you come across someone as passionate as Jayme! In both her personal and professional life, she exudes passion with everything she touches. Jayme came to work for our team at Brigadoon Village in 2018 in the role of Manager of Campaign Gifts to lead our fundraising efforts for a capital campaign. Jayme approached her work with great passion, dedication and energy. She built strong relationships with our donors and volunteers and always put them first."  (Brigadoon Village, Halifax, N.S.)



"Jayme is a true storyteller and can take an organization's vision, mission and goals and present them clearly and concisely by answering the question "why should you care?" She knows how to truly engage the public." (Shelter Nova Scotia.) 


On Air Sign

"Passion is a word that gets tossed around a lot... but passionate is the best way to describe Jayme's approach to her work. She doesn't just execute - she genuinely cares, about every minute detail, from establishing partnerships to generating, maintaining and increasing her station's profile with listeners. I saw this approach when Jayme first started her radio career, and I've seen it continue through the years. She works hard to safeguard her brand and to get every execution safely to the finish line." (Dan B, Director of Programming, Maritimes/Brand & Content Leader, Adult Contemporary at Stingray)


​"Jayme is amazing to work with! She has great passion and energy, it's always a pleasure to work with such a professional."  (Denise McNeil, Vice President, Digital Strategy & eCommerce, New Castle Hotels and Resorts) 

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